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What should one do more? Many may feel that team training does not give them much time with the football,they are right. Team training focuses much more on team synergy, rather than you personal technical development. This brings in the need for individual football training drill. During individual training, you are the master of the pitch. You can work totally on your technique. You can work on aspects like dribbling, passing(with the wall), shooting etc. Especially in the current situation( lockdown), you can only do individual training. But one should never skip team training.

Team training works on a very important aspect of the game, that is tactics. Team football training helps you increase your game sense and tactics on pitch. It helps you understand your team players much better which is very important for a football team. It also adds other life values like compassion,team spirit etc.

Team football training

Now the answer for the first question is to have a balanced approach on both team football training and individual training. Individual training focuses on your technical development whereas team training focuses on your tactical aspect. Both are different and are important. But in my opinion technique is slightly more important than tactics. I infer this from the fact that you can play football without tactics but you can not play football without technique. Once you feel that your technique is up to the mark than you can focus more on your tactics.

One should always work on both aspects. I would suggest that during a week you should focus 3 days on individual training, three days on team training and one day on another very important aspect, that is fitness. Now this is my view. You need not follow this strictly. You should analyse your current game and train accordingly. Maybe you need to focus more on you fitness rather than technique or the other way round. One should always train effectively.

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