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Do you want to increase your speed for football at home? Speed is an essential part when it comes to football. Here are five football drills for free which you can do at your home. Include these football drills in your training plan to see results in your speed. These football drills for free are part of a football training at home series, you can get the link to the rest of the parts of the football training at home series at the end of the article.

Lets get onto the exercises...


This exercise works on your calves calves and glutes which are essential mucle groups to improve your speed for football To do this exercise, start by standing straight, then jump and extend your right leg into a lunge. Make sure that the angle between your joints is 90 degree. Stretch your left leg behind till you feel a pull in your thighs. Now repeat the same with your left leg this completes your one repetition. Make sure to keep your core and body tight. Make sure to get a rhythm with this. Also make sure to check the hand movements given in the above video.

REPS:- 20-30


This plyometric exercise is really effective to improve your speed for football at home. This exercise works on your Quadriceps and adductors. To do this exercise, stand on one leg, then jump to the opposite side and balance yourself on your other leg. Make sure to swing your hands. This will help you with your balance. Do get a better understanding, visualize the movements of a roller skater when he/she skates. The important part here is to balance your weight. First try to get a mastery over your balance. After that work on your speed.


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Ball hops is a really simple and effective exercise to improve your speed for football at home. You will need your football to perform this exercise at your home. Start by standing beside the ball. Jump over the ball and land at the other side of the ball. Now, jump back. Make sure to get a rhythm with this.



This exercise is really effective to improve your acceleration for football. As the name suggests, you will need to take the support of your wall to do this exercise which will improve your speed alot while staying at home. Tray to make a 45 degree angle while leaning. Lean against the wall using your hand, Now hop and create a 90 degree angle between your joints. Refer the video for more clarity. There is one more point to be noted. You have to balance yourself on your toes when you lift your knees.

Reps:-15 each side

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