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Here are five football drills for free which you can do anywhere, even at your home!! Improve your tight space ball control with these football drills. Include these football drills in you training plan and believe me, after a few days you would be dribbling like Messi with the football glued to your feet.

By the way this is day 1 of our five day at home football drills and training plan for free!! All links to the next part of the series would be provided at the end of the article once they are published. You can watch the video in the start of of the article if you want to watch these football drills for free in video format.

Do these football drills consistently and see significant results in your game of football.


This is a very effective football skill witch you can do in real life football match situations. Commonly used by the legendary footballer Johan Cruyff. To perform this drill, take a touch touch to your outside with your right leg. Then take a step and cut in with the inside of your foot. Now repeat the same by cutting in with the inside of your left foot.

You can check out the video at the end of this article for more clarity.

Reps:- 30-40

  1. V-CUT

Another essential drill which you can use in a match, especially for midfielders.

To perform this drill pull back the football with the sole of your foot. Now take an inside touch with the inside of your same foot. You can use this skill in real match situations when the defender comes for the ball, pull back, take a touch and move into the space.

Reps:- 50 with each leg

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This football drills works with your sole role and inside touches. This movement is a must for wingers who constantly need to cut and move using their sole and inside of the foot. To perform this football drill, do a sole role with your strong foot, stop the movement of the ball with the inside of your weaker foot. Now take a small touch again with your strong foot and then perform the sole role two opposite side with you weak foot. Now repeat the same procedure.

Reps:- 30 with each leg


This football drill is a variation of the v cut that we did before. To perform this drill pull back the football towards you with the sole of your foot just like you did in the V Cut. Now take a touch to the other side , but the difference here is that you have to take this touch with your opposite foot. You can refer to the video above to get a much better clarity. Again, this one is a really effective football skill which you can use in football matches. It will help you to quickly move into space.

Reps:- 50 with each leg


This football drill will help you improve with your close football control and will make you much more comfortable with the ball. To perform this “dance like football drill” start by tapping the football with alternate legs. After you take a sole tap with both of your legs, do it with the sole of your strong leg but in a different way. It is really difficult to explain it in words, therefor you can refer to the video above. Make sure to bring a rhythm into this football drill.

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