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Updated: Jun 25, 2020


Internet and youtube has helped us very much to gain information regarding football training plans and football drills for free. In such a case finding youtube channels which provide quality content to learn from and train is difficult. So here are the top five football youtube channels that I myself watch to train and play football.( Please note that this post is not sponsored by anyone at all. The ranking provided here is totally based on my opinion.)


I have been following this channel from quite a time and I feel like their videos are very simple to understand. Their videos focus very much on the required content and not on unnecessary time pass. But their content is a little bit beginner level( do remember its my opinion). So if you are someone who has just started playing football, then this channel is definitely for you.


Matt Sheldon(founder of Become Elite youtube channel ) is a professional football player who plays for FC Tulsa in the USL championship. Along with drills and skill tutorial he uploads daily life vlogs too. So this football youtube channel provides a great insight to the life of a professional football player. Due to his vlogs, you feel much connected to him and his videos. Matt Being a professional footballer you don’t need to worry about the authenticity and effectiveness of the football drills he provides.


There are hardly any chances that you won’t have heard of this channel if you follow football related YouTube channels. There boot reviews are probably the best on all of YouTube. With over 2 million subscribers I think they are the most subscribed YouTube football channel. Their videos quality is the best compared to all football related YouTube channels mentioned in this post. I personal love the way Jay Mike and Jolter present their videos. Other than boot reviews and football training drills they also provide different and unique content related with top flight football. They also regularly have freestyle tutorials by PWG, a professional freestyle footballer.


This is one of my favourite football related YouTube channels. Will John is also a professional football player who last played for Locomotive Tibilisi . His content is very effective and reliable. Do check out his 21 day football training training program where he provides fitness training and football drills for free. I followed this program when it was uploaded and believe me, I saw significant results in my game. Another thing I like about him is his sense of humour in his videos. He always ensures that we have a smile on our face while watching his videos.

Check out their channel here:-

  1. 7MLC

This is undoubtedly my favourite YouTube channel. I follow all his videos regularly and train accordingly. If you want to improve your ball control than this channel is for you as he has a lot of videos related to ball mastery and ball control. Micheal Cunningham, the creator is a professional indoor footballer, who plays for Rochester Lancers. I am sure his videos will help you improve your game.

Check out their channel here:-

Again a remainder that this post is not sponsored by any of the above YouTubers. It is totally based on my views and opinion.

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