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Balance is something which many football players underestimate and ignore. But let me tell you, Top level football players and coaches from football academies in India know its effect on a players game and they constantly work to improve it. Balance and core strength helps you shield the ball much better, dribble with better ball control and be much more effective on the football pitch.

So make sure to inculcate these drills in your training plans once or twice in a week.

If you feel like you are gonna fall while performing these football drills, fight for your balance. That’s how you will improve. Another key point is tighten your core. Core strength is the most important factor in determining your balance. Therefor while doing these drills tighten your core.

So let’s get into the exercises:-


Here are the steps for the drill:-

  1. Lift one of your leg a little from the ground.

  2. Slowly start bending down. keep your back straight and legs stretched.

  3. Go down until you touch your feet.

  4. Then slowly come back to your initial position in the same pace.

  5. Now start again.(Do not plant your foot on ground!)

Make sure to do this drill with both feet. Once you start it, you are not allowed to stand on both feet until one full set is completed.

3-5 Reps with each leg would be enough. You can do more if you wish.


Follow these steps for this football drill:-

  1. Lift 1 leg from the ground

  2. Go for a squat slowly and steadily.

  3. Make sure to keep your back straight. Think of it as just lowering your upper body

Again, do it with both your legs. Keep your back straight and steady. 3-5 reps would be great.


This one is very effective for your lower body strength.

Now if you don’t have a BOSU ball, I recommend that you buy one( if you want to reach the epitome of your athleticism and become a better footballer). It will help you do exercises related to core strength, lower body and balance. The BOSU ball given below is an affordable one with nice quality. Buy it from Amazon from the link given below.

Let’s come back to the exercise.

Here are the steps:-

  1. Place the BOSU ball with its spherical part facing downwards and flat surface in the upside.

  2. Stand on the flat surface. And go for a 90 degree squat.

  3. Apply force with your right leg to push the ball down from the right side. Now lower the force and do the same with your left leg. This completes your one repetition.

REPS:- 10-20


Here are the steps:-

  1. Place two markers approximately 5 feet apart.

  2. Stand near the first marker facing the second.

  3. Lift one leg, lower yourself slowly(approximately 90 degree squat) and touch your toe.

  4. Now jump from the first marker two second.( still keeping your leg lifted)

  5. Again lower yourself and touch the toe.

  6. 1 repetition completed.

Do this with both feet for approximately five reps. It is also great for your calves and quads.


Pistol squats are great for your speed and balance. You should definitely include this in your workout.

Here are the steps for the drill:-

  1. Lift one leg and stretch it forward with your toes facing upwards.

  2. Lower yourself to a single leg squat.( With your leg still stretched.)

  3. While lowering yourself, stretch your hands to the side so that it is easy to balance.

  4. Now slowly raise up. This completes your one repetition.

Whether you need to place both feet on ground depends on your level of balance. If you are able to do this exercise easily, do this without placing your feet on ground between repetitions or else wise.

Give some time doing these exercises. It will improve different areas of your game. The stability and and balance will help you improve your ball control. Core strength will help you improve your finishing and power.

feel free to tell us your views in the comment section.


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