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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Predator mutator 20.1

Predator mutator 20.1 has been launched and it is available in India! This is what everyone had been waiting for. a couple of months back Adidas launched its mutator 20+ which itself was a mind blowing pair of boots. But if you want an overall better boot WHICH PERFORMS GREAT ON THE PITCH and is also little bit more budget friendly then here comes the Adidas Mutator 20.1 version.

20+ had its negative points. Just like Joshua Vujovic from Soccerreviewsfor you had said, the 20+ is kind of a concept car with all the technology and features embedded in one boot. But it is not necessarily the first choice for someone who wants a great performer rather than a “show off” boot like the 20+.

The 20.1 looks a little bit more more simple and refined than the 20+. It looks great in the classic red black and white colorway. In addition to that Adidas has also launched a blue white and red colorway for those who like a more contrasting group of colours.

In terms of the material the 20.1 has got a thinned out knitted upper which has got relatively less padding than the previous generations. This gives you a much more synthetic feel. Despite all this the main source of attraction in a mutator would always be the so called “demon skin”. These are the rubber spikes which cover a major part of the boot surface. In the 20+ the spikes somehow seemed to be facing towards the front. But in the 20.1 they are diamond shaped and is also made of a firmer rubber. These spikes give a great feeling while striking the ball and helps in creating spin during shots.

The 20.1 has got an elasticated primeknit filling in the middle portion of the upper surface to create a one piece sock like enclosure. This gives you better adjustability and lockdown. The boot though feels a little tight through the mid foot. But this would not be an issue after a couple of training or matches .

The 20.1 has got a split sole control frame with better flexibility. The stud plates in the heel are very much similar to the bladed studs.

The Mutator 20.1 is neither too heavy nor too light. For a size of 9.5 the boot weight is 251 gram.


Overall the mutator 20.1 is a great boot. The pricing of these boots are totally worth it. If you want an awesome boot with laces and something unique like the “demon skin” then the Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 would be one of the best options.



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